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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Our mission is to foster intellectual and perceptual growth in each child in our care and to help each child develop  self confidence and assurance.  We provide an enjoyable, friendly, caring and nurturing setting for children through our actions as childcare providers.

Since 1973, we have been the home of quality educational programs that have been developed over many decades and includes ideas and techniques that we have learned by teaching in our community.

Each of our programs delivers a curriculum that focuses on the whole child as well as on the individual needs of each child.  Our curriculum continues to evolve and be developmentally tailored towards each age level. Our programs are child-centered, open-ended, multicultural, integrated and process oriented. Our teachers are experienced and permanently licensed by the New York State Department of Education.

We invite families to come and visit us. Please call +1 (631) 499-6498 to arrange a time for you and your child to meet the staff and see our facilities. We look forward to meeting you!

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